Mike Pollard.

BSc (chemistry) and PhD (chemistry) from St. Andrews University, Scotland.

Postdoc with Dr. P.K. Stumpf, University of California, Davis.


Fourteen year roller-coaster ride in various ag-biotech companies, with a major focus in the analysis, chemistry and biochemsitry of fats and oils, and where I learnt never to trust managementís word, intention, competence or integrity.

Currently enjoying a return to academia in Johnís lab, where my projects include triacylglycerol synthesis, and particularly an sn-3 acetyltransferase found in some seeds; on developing the methods for oxygen-18 labeling and its use in studying acyl lipid turnover in plant cells; more generally on the use of in vivo labeling to study lipid metabolism in seeds; and several other projects on novel fatty acids and lipids.